Money Makers Competition

Money Makers Competition

Win big bucks in Las Vegas by entering the annual SMTE Money Makers Competition. Compete against other television stations to win money, prizes and top recognition for your station!

Are you confident that your station has the best sales promotion idea this year? Enter your most creative sales promotion ideas now. This is your chance to share and gain new creative sales promotion ideas for the year. In 2018 and 2019, SMTE attendees walked away with up to $7 million in sales promotion ideas.


Deadline Extended: Friday, August 6

  • About the Competition

    At the heart of the SMTE is the annual Money Makers Competition.

    Television stations DMAS 40+ submit their best sales promotion ideas in the months leading up to SMTE. Through several rounds of voting, the SMTE Committee selects the Money Makers finalists, who will present their entries onsite and compete for top honors in each round. The Money Makers finalists will be required to give a :30 elevator pitch to the audience at SMTE about their creative sales promotion idea.

    It's a Win-Win for Everyone!

    Just by submitting an idea you will also receive a compilation of ALL the entries at the end of the exchange. The compilation is ONLY available to stations that contribute ideas.

    Conference attendees are also eligible to receive access to the vieos of the Money Makers presented at conference by completing the SMTE 2021 attendee survey.

  • Competition Guidelines

    Eligibility Requirements

    • If the idea generated sales revenue for your station, it is eligible for the competition. However, keep in mind that the judging committee is looking for new, fresh and innovative ideas!
    • Entries must be submitted by an NAB member television station.
    • Station must be in DMAs 40-210.
    • Stations must provide a :30 video with the online application. Video must be provided as a YouTube link. Video will be used to help the judges understand the creative for your campaign. It can be an actual promo that was used for a campaign or a video explaining the overall campaign.
    • If selected as a finalist, we will request a two-minute video explaining the campaign which will be used onsite during the live competition at SMTE 2021. Additional details will be provided.
    • If selected as a finalist, station must select a representative of their station to attend SMTE for the final competition to give a :30 pitch about their idea to the SMTE audience. Representative does not need to be the person who came up with the idea or submitted the idea.

    Please Do Not Submit the Following:

    • Promotions that were entered by your station in previous Money Makers Competitions.
    • Ideas your station discovered in previous Money Makers Competitions.
    • Syndicated promotions that are not localized.
    • Unoriginal promotions that are often repeated.
    • Promotions that have not yet been sold/implemented.

    Note that members of the Judging Committee are required to abstain from voting on any entries submitted by their station.

  • Competition FAQ

    How do I submit an idea?
    Television stations DMAs 40+ enter written descriptions of revenue-generating promotional ideas, along with a :30 promo from the campaign or :30 video explaining the campaign using the online competition entry form.

    Do I have to submit a video with my initial written entry?
    Yes. A :30 spot is required to enter the competition, along with a written description of the promotional idea. If selected as a finalist, you will be required to submit an additional two minute video of your creative to participate in the competition at the conference.

    How many ideas can I submit?
    Stations may contribute as many ideas as they wish. The more ideas submitted, the better chances of becoming a Money Maker and winning BIG!

    What types of ideas should I submit?
    Entries are accepted in a broad variety of categories, including:

    • News
    • Content
    • Digital
    • Advertising (primarily on-air campaigns)
    • Community or public service
  • Deadlines

    Open Entry: Monday, May 17
    *Early Bird Deadline: Friday, June 14
    Final Entries Due: Friday, August 6
    Finalists Notified: Friday, August 9
    Finalist Videos Due: Friday, August 23

  • Prizes
    • *Early Bird Competition
      A winner is selected from entries received May 17-June 14 and qualifies to become a Money Maker finalist.
      Prize: $75

    • Money Maker Finalists
      Finalists will be selected by the Judging Committee to compete for Best of Round and Best of Category honors onsite at SMTE.
      Prize: $50 cash per finalist (not per entry), certificate and special recognition.

    • Best of Category Winners

      The Best of Category winners will be selected by the judging committee and announced onsite, prior to their presentation for each of the following areas:

      • SMALL CONCEPT – A money-making idea created for a single advertiser that spends $50,000 or less. Minimal resources were used.
      • MEDIUM CONCEPT – A money-making idea designed for an advertiser that spends less than $100,000. It may have used the resources of a few departments and required a small cost for the station to execute it.
      • BIG CONCEPT – A money-making idea created for a client that spends over $100,000 a station-wide opportunity for multiple clients. Multiple departments were involved and the station may have invested a significant amount to execute this concept.
      • BEST CREATIVE – A great commercial you produced that got results for an advertiser.
      • MOST UNIQUE – If you sold an advertiser in an unusual category (Singing Lessons for Dogs?), we want to know about it!
      Prize: $50 for each Best of Category winner, plus a novelty prize.

    • Best of Round Winners and Final Four
      Four finalists will be selected and named Best of Round winners onsite by SMTE attendees.
      Prize: $100 for each winner, plus a novelty prize.

    • Best of the Best Winner and Grand Prize Winner
      Each of the four finalists will compete in a grand prize round for the Money Makers’ top honor as the 2021 Money Maker of the Year. The overall winner will be selected onsite by SMTE attendees.
      Grand Prize: Complimentary registration to SMTE 2022 and top honor.

For questions regarding the 2021 SMTE Money Makers Competition, please contact Tobi Hall at

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